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4th Floor Walkthrough

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Labs & Facilities

MacLean Building 4th Floor
flex space
Flex Space RM400

Communal space and multi-purpose facility that may host a wide range of activities.

white box
White Box RM401

Flexible classroom for coding, computer vision, VR, gaming, electronics classes.

black box
Black Box RM402

Studio, screening, and project space with surround sound, light control, and immersive video projection.

seminar room
Seminar Room RM414

Flexible classroom for holding seminars, lecture classes and critiques.

surface mount lab
Surface Mount Lab RM421

Electronics lab for the production of contemporary electronics with microscopic components.

ioLab RM422

Digital fabrication lab with a suite of 3D printers, scanners, and desktop milling machines.

electronics lab
Electronics Lab RM423

Experimental studio for prototyping electronics hardware & soft circuitry.

digital audio lab
Digital Audio Lab RM431

Sound lab equipped with keyboards, analog and digital synthesizers, a surround-sound system, whisper room, and more.

Conference Room
Conference Room RM432

Multifunctional space used for departmental meetings, small gatherings, seminars, and classes.

Techroom RM433

Full-service media check out center equipped with projectors, computers, VR equipment, tablets, electronics kits, etc.

MacLean Building Basement Level 1
kinetics lab
Kinetics Lab B1-07

Mechatronics lab fully equipped with a fabrication and machining facility, power supplies, extensive hand tools, and hundreds of electronic and mechanical components.

Light lab
Light Lab B1-16

Shop space for producing neon works, digital control of neon and light systems such as LEDs.

Retro Lab
Retro Lab B1-17

Hybrid facility used for teaching, art making, and research featuring a growing collection of functional vintage computers, digital and analogue media, and electronic devices.

bio lab
Bio Lab B1-19

BSL 1 Lab facilitating artistic research utilizing the tools and techniques of molecular biology including DNA extraction and amplification, PCR, culturing of bacteria, protein expression, and synthetic biology.

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