ats fest


April 12, 2019 (Friday) - 4:30-8:00PM

A celebration of 50 years of experimentation.

MacLean Building
112 S. Michigan Ave.
4th Floor and Basement Level 1


Food and alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks will be served

Technology mediated bodies, robotic interactions, and sound performances

Organized and curated by Lee Blalock
4th floor and basement level 1

Digital Sound I

Faculty: William Harper
Locations: 4th floor and basement level 1
When: 4:30-8p

Participating students:
Music: Howard Ouyang, Nikesh Hotchandani, Cheok Chong, Darren Edwards, Alex Kim. Video: Rafael Rivas

Ilai Gilbert and Free Radio SAIC will be live streaming from the Ballroom, in the basement, and on the 4th floor.

Physical Computing: Outside the Box

Faculty: Jenna Boyles
Locations: 4th floor and basement level 1
When: 4:30-8p with a special performance by Jenna Boyles @5p

Participating students:
N. Idil Duman, Naava Batya Weiner, Olivia Grace Orzechowski, Ray Madrigal, Nadja Crosina Caballero, Addison Leon

Public Light and Space

Faculty: Jan Tichy
Locations: 4th floor and basement level 1
When: 6-8p

Participating students:
Cecilia Beaven, Julia Tsai, Harshitaa Agrawal, Joe Clapier, Xinyi Gu, Jiwon Ham, Ori Hamburg, Rin Liu, Ant Morales, Dani Woo, Yuli Zhao

Brave N3w B0d1es: Posthuman Practices

Faculty: Lee Blalock aka L[3]^2
Locations: 4th floor and basement level 1
When: 4:30-8p with performances in RM401 from 5:30-6:30p

Participating students:
Sienna Broglie, Zoe Butler, Jesus Hilario-Reyes, Ella Roche, Gabriela Saucedo, Leah Solomon, Reggie Williamson, Bingyu Xie, Yimin Zheng


Faculty: Brett Ian Balogh
Locations: 4th floor RM401
When: Robot Romper Room in RM401 from 6:30-8p

Participating students:
Kaylla Taborda, Yimin Zheng, Yi Kang

Opening Reception to "Future Conditions"

The world has changed since 1969. In the fifty years since the inception of Art and Technology Studies, networked technologies have become ubiquitous—mediating nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Future Conditions explores the societal and environmental impact of these networks, framing them within more expansive technological and ecological systems. Speculating new ways of cohabitating with nonhuman species, whether biological or technological, the exhibition also illustrates the self-reflexive nature of cultural production. Featuring artworks by current students and recent alumni, including Minsun Cho, Ziv Ze’ev Cohen, Gloria Duon, Austin Gladney, Addison Leon, Xinyi Li, Chloe Yu-Nong Lin, Patrick O’Shea, Alan Perry, Zhong Ren, Doug Rosman, Rui Sha, Santiago X, and Chun Zeng.

With additional opening-night contributions by Ethan Proia, Rafael Rivas, Ben Schoenekase, Snow Xu, and Jason Zhao.

Curated by Duncan Bass and Madison Young
Locations: 4th ATS Flex Space (RM400)
When: April 12 - May 4, 2019

"Future Conditions Popup Exhibition" • April 12 only • RM402 & RM414
Featuring artworks by Ben Schoenekase, Doug Rosman, Jason Zhao, Ethan Proia, Snow Xu, Rafael Rivas, Jakyung Lee, Maria Hernandez Tort, and Soffiah Decena

Art Hackathon Display

Selected works produced from the April 6-7 ATS Art Hackathon, Hosted by Doug Rosman and Mara Iskander
Location: RM432

Learn to bend hot glass in 20 mins

Host: ATS faculty Greg Mowery
Locations: Light Lab B1-07
When: 5:30-7p

Learn to solder in 15 min & build a "Day of the Geek" badge

Hosts: ATS faculty Ziv Cohen and Jenna Boyles
Location: Kinetics Lab B1-19
When: 5:30-7p

Experiment with Olfactory Art in 20 min

Host: ATS Faculty Tedd Neenan
Locations: Bio Lab B1-19
When: 5:30-7p

Play with Retro Tech

Host: Kyle Werle
Locations: Retro Lab B1-17
When: 5:30-7p

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